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Wholesale of Genuine Leather Bags

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Types of Leather Used for Our Bags

If you want to know more about the leathers used to produce our fantastic handbags for wholesale, you are in the right place.


The dollar is a high quality cowhide leather with rectified grain, thanks to its softness it can be used for any leather goods, which include bags, backpacks, wallets, cell phone holders and key rings. Its classicism makes it one of the most famous and loved leathers in the world. For this reason, in our Wholesale Catalog of Leather Bags, we offer a huge choice of Dollar Leather Bags.


The buffered leather is an aged leather that gives the Bags a Vintage Style. Coming from calf and handcrafted by hand to obtain the various shades of color. It is mainly used for travel bags, work bags and other rigid bags. Take a look at our Wholesale Men's Bags which are made of buffered leather.


Ruga leather is a refined calfskin which is characterized by its elegance. Thin, bright, delicate and smooth are its main characteristics. It is a semi-worked leather with an unmistakable grain.


The cowhide is a leather that is obtained from the cow and which is subsequently vegetable tanned. The main feature of this leather is that the products realized do not age, but change their look over time, making the products unique and personalized.