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Genuine Leather Bags for Wholesale

Wholesale B2B Only. Minimum Order €100


Sales Terms & Conditions

Is it safe paying by Credit Card?

Yes, it is! We collect Credit Card payments using popular and trusted services, like PayPal, or the largest Italian Banks. All of them use state-of-the-art SSL technology to encrypt your transaction and made it as safe as possible.

We do not collect or store your Credit Card data.

Generally speaking paying by Credit Card on secure Internet sites is much safer than paying at the desk of any physical shop or restaurant.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, this is one of our favorite ways to collect money from our customers. You can use VISA or MASTERCARD (but not the "Electron" types, which needs a physical "Point of Sale" to be operated properly) . AMERICAN EXPRESS and other cards are usually available when paying through the popular PayPal service.

ATTENTION! If you get the "PAYPAL Pay Now" button at the end of the check out process or inside your order summary, this means you must pay by Credit Card through the PayPal Service.

If you never used PayPal before, you must sign up (for free, quickly and safely) with PayPal. You can do this during your first payment.

Do the Prices include local Taxes and Customs Duties?

No, all Prices are Net. They do NOT include any local Taxes, Customs Duties or Shipping Fees.

Local Taxes and Customs Duties are so different country by country that no automatic processing is possible. If due, they must cleared by you (usually on behalf of the international courier delivering the goods at your door).

How can I pay the Sample(s) or the Order?

In the bottom part of the Ordert you can see the the Payment method(s) associated to your Customer Profile (usually Credit Card or Bank Transfer). No other payment than those displayed is available.

Orders can be paid by Credit Card or Bank Transfer, according to your Customer Profile. If you are allowed to pay by Bank Transfer you can see our Bank Account Data at the bottom of the Cart.

If you are a Wholesale Buyer, the payment of an order usually takes places later. We will process your Order in order to find out the best and cheapest Shipping Fees, then we will send you a message detailing the Total Order Amount (goods and shipment). Typically this happens within 24/48 hours from your Order.

At that time you will have to pay the Total Amount by Credit Card (simply clicking a link included in the order summary and in the order email notification) or by Bank Transfer.

Notice about Bank Transfer: the order will be processed for shipment ONLY when the funds will be actually received and confirmed by our bank.

Terms & Conditions of the Service

Can I return the Products I purchased?

If you are disatisfied with the Products you purchased, because you reasonably see an evident difference between the product and its description in our Catalog or because there is a real fault, you are entitled for returning the merchandise (or a part of it) and get a refund or a full product replacement.

Please read carefully the following:

- Before shipping back one, some or all the products you purchased please contact us, detailing as precisely as possible the reason of your decision about returning the products and sending us clear pictures showing the damage. Generic or unreasonable reasons won't be accepted: this is a "Business-to-Business" transaction involving a wholesale sale.

- You will be able to returning the products AFTER getting our written confirmation. All of our communications will be by E-Mail.

- The purchase amount will be refunded, not the shipping fees (or any duty/tax fee).

- The shipping for returning the merchandise must be paid by you.

- The products must be in perfect conditions, not used, and delivered with their original package and labels/tags. If one of these conditions is not met we won't be able to refund or replace the products.

- We will decide whether refunding or replacing the products you returned. In case of replacement, the shipping fees will be paid by us. If the replacement products are on stock, the whole process will take about seven (7) days or more. If they aren't available, we will let you know the estimated delivery time.


- Our products are usually packaged in sturdy boxes to prevent any reasonable damage during transportation. We are not responsible for any damage due to the shipper negligence or other external factors, though this is an extremely rare occurrence.

- All our products are carefully inspected before shipping. In the extremely rare case one or more products you received are broken or heavily damaged (not due to transportation issues. This means the original box and package must be intact), please take a few pictures clearly showing the damage and send us them. If the damage is due to our fault we will refund you or replace for free the products, including the shipping fees. We will be fully entitled to decide beween refunding and replacing.

Can I print my logo on the bags?

Yes, we also offer the Private Labeling service, therefore, it is possible to put our own brand on our bags and request a minimum order of 5 pieces per model per color. To request this service, you only need to place a minimum order of 5 pieces per model per color, that is, 5 pieces of the same model and color. Furthermore, together with the order, you must request the private label service by writing in the order notes. Once the order has been received, we will have to send an email with the image of the logo to be affixed to the bags, which will be used to stamp the logo, which will cost Euro 100, which will be debited to you on the invoice.


How do you ship my Order?

Orders are always shipped by a reliable international delivery service (for example:GLS, UPS, or others), trying to get the lowest rates.

The delivery time varies from 3 to 4 days for Europe's shipments and from 6 to 7 days for International's shipments.

The shipping cost is usually calculated AFTER receiving your order, within 24/48 hours. In such a way we try to find the lowest cost, enquiring the best delivery services. Then we will send you an E-Mail message with the updated summary of your order including the shipping cost. At that point you will be able to pay the total amount (by credit card or bank transfer), following our clear directions.

As an alternative to the above, the shipping cost can be already automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom of your order, and added to it. Usually we offer a couple of different delivery services for most destinations: you can select the one better matching your requirements for time and cost. Please keep in mind that the fastest deliveries are always the most expensive!

Are the Shipping Fees included in my Order?

If you are a Wholesale Buyer, the Shipping Costs are NOT usually included in the Order request. If they are, you can see their amount clearly printed in the lower part of the order and added to the total amount of the products you ordered.

If there is no automatic calculation of the shipping, you will receive an E-Mail message with the precise amount of the Shipping Costs within 24/48 hours. After this you will be able to pay the whole order amount (merchandise plus shipping) using one of the payment methods offered by our company (usually Credit Card or Bank Transfer).

Other Topics

Can I cancel an Order?

Yes, if it has not been confirmed by one of our Sales Representatives yet.

In such a case just visit the "Order Management" section in the Electronic Commerce platform.

Are the products on sale really made in Italy?

All of our products are Made in Italy and manufactured using the best materials and accessories.