The Handbag is a unique and special accessory for a woman, especially the Handcrafted Genuine Leather Bags following the most ancient Tuscan traditions of producing leather goods. There are many types, from the smallest ones that are the most comfortable like the clutch bags, shoulder bags and mini bags, to the larger ones like the shoulder bags, handbags and backpacks. Each bag has its uniqueness as a characteristic given by the imperfections due to craftsmanship. From here, our company was born with decades of experience in the leather goods sector, and as a goal to connect ancient traditions of Tuscan leather goods to the modern world and the technological revolution. By connecting our skills in the production, selection and sale of products to the Internet, the Online Wholesale of Leather Bags and Accessories Platform by Frasi Firenze is managing to bring and share these skills and traditions internationally, promoting and bringing up the Made in Italy brand.